Time to clean house!

We’ve gone clean for thirty days.  “What are you talking about?” you may ask?  Well, let me explain.  We cut out ALL food that we don’t prepare ourselves, cut out ALL nightshades (tomatoes, peppers), ALL dairy and ALL sweetener (honey, maple syrup).  We were diligent to eat Paleo for a few years, but life became messy and resulted in our falling into this excuse or that convenience and that enabled BAD eating.  Not that bad, but bad enough that you felt it in so, so many gnarly ways.

Today is day fifteen and wow do I feel better!  Yay!  After thirty days we will evaluate the results and determine what to add back into our household diet, slowly and in very moderate quantities.  Although, last time we did a Clean-30, we didn’t stop, just kept on going for a couple of more months. . .

We’ll just take it one Sprint at a time.

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