Boy Flys the Coop

The birds are protected by PoultryNet electric fencing and by their guard geese.  Particularly ‘Boy’ the gander.  He checks his chickens, looks them over, allows no fighting, etc.  Well, one of his BIG rules is STAY INSIDE THE FENCE!  If a hen hops over the 48″ fence, Boy will gonk an alarm that something is not right until it is right again.

On this particular occasion it was him that was out of the fence!  I thought to myself “That looks like Boy on the outside?”  Sure enough it was.  He was at the barbed wire fence at the edge of the pasture calling to the house.  He was a bit upset and mumbling quietly to himself about it as he walked in front of me back to the birds.  I picked him up and gave him a launch so he could fly back inside.  Funny stuff!

Boy flys the coop.

Boy flys the coop.

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