Ethel takes on lodgers. . .

Last night I went out at sunset to lock up the various flocks.  Ethel and the household flock are nearest to the house so they were first.  They were already inside up on the roosting bar.  All I needed to do was put up the ramp, open the main door, reach down and lock the ramp.  As I did I heard the sound of scratching?  My first thought was “Rodents!”  I was bent over doing the locking at the time. . .  As I stood up and focused on the source of the scratching I saw it was a group of quail above the chicken’s nest boxes.  I closed the door, went and got my phone and here is the pic.  Most likely they had been helping themselves to some Scratch and Peck from the feeder when the hens decided it was time for bed.

Three young quail, scrunched up above the nextboxes in Ethel's coop.

Three young quail, two males and a female up above the next boxes in Ethel’s coop.  Notice the intense level of molting on Goldie, the Buff Orptingon hen in the foreground.

I did close and lock the door afterward.  The quail had a safe if not strange nights sleep in the coop with Ethel and her girls.  I opened the coop this morning, and then checked on them later.  They were still trapped up in their “room’ due to the hens eating from the feeder on the floor of the coop.  Care is needed, because Buffers does not like quail.  In her molty state she would put a beating on them.

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