It’s 726pm, I’ve just finished evening chores.

  • Locked up Ethel and her household flock.
  • Chased one of the turkey munchkins until I caught it, it was out of the fence you see. Locked up the turkeys in their mobile.
  • Locked up the egg mobile, fed and put the gonkers to bed.
  • Set a sprinkler on the pasture for the night.

All the while I could hear the pair of owls hooting in the forest.  As I was feeding the gonkers and getting them inside, I saw one.  It was sitting on the top of a fir tree where the forest meets the golf course.  As it hooted to the other owl, I could see it move.  I started hooting and they both answered me back.  I did it for a few minutes before walking back toward the house.


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