Eggmobile #1: It’s hip to be square…


… and even hipper to be cubed!  Our laying flock now has a 6′ x 6′ x 6′ eggmobile so they can be out on pasture and get fresh grass.

Our plan is to rotate them on the pasture, inside electric fence, like Joel Salatin does.  In fact, the reason the eggmobile has a flat roof is because of Joel Salatin.  We heard him say that having a flat roof makes easier construction, and you are never really level enough to cause an issue for the roof in the rain; you’re always at an angle on pasture.  Having a flat roof certainly saved us a lot of construction time!

Our eggmobile is not as big as Joel Salatin’s because we don’t have a tractor to move it.  We wanted the largest possible moveable housing for them that I could still move by myself.  And I can… with a towing strap!  Makes me feel like a donkey, but it gets the job done. :)

The wheels got a bit wonky in the move from our construction area to the pasture because we used scrap wood for them.  We will reinforce that area with pressure treated lumber to make it strong.

The hens really seem to like the new eggmobile.  We left them locked in the structure one day (with food and water), so that they would learn where to sleep and lay eggs (there are 10 nesting boxes with access from the outside).  After we let them out the following day, we weren’t sure if they’d all know where to go to bed that night, but they were all snuggled in on the roosting bars, waiting for us to lock them in!

They only take up one roosting bar, and part of another one, out of five roosting bars total.  The structure was designed for 50 hens total.  We currently have 18, but will fill out the flock this year and have plans for eggmobile #2.  Next step… turkey mobile!

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