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Eggmobile #1: It’s hip to be square…

… and even hipper to be cubed!  Our laying flock now has a 6′ x 6′ x 6′ eggmobile so they can be out on pasture and get fresh grass. Our plan is to rotate them on the pasture, inside … Continue reading

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New roommate moving in

Greer told me a cute story about washing dishes yesterday and having a robin listen to him whistle from the top of the mushroom log.  This morning while making breakfast, I discovered the reason… This little guy/gal is building a … Continue reading

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New poultry waterers

Barney is modeling our new poultry waterers.  They hold 5 gallons, seem sturdy, and put the water at a comfortable level for the birds.  Having the water off the ground also helps keep dirt and muck out, but it’s been … Continue reading

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Baby cow!

Awwwww…. the first baby calf since we moved in almost a year ago! His name is Homer, and he’s a cutie.  He and his mom had to be separated from the rest of the cows because they were a little … Continue reading

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Simple carrot salad

Greer started making this tasty carrot salad, which is just grated carrots, onion or shallot, radishes, and a simple dressing of lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, and olive oil.  But it is quite a tasty and fresh addition to our … Continue reading

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2015 – first seeds

So happy to have a lot of beet seeds in the ground for pickled beets!  We also planted a few radishes and scallions.  Yum!  

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BIG eggs

All the birds are laying now, so we have eggs in small, medium, and large: chicken (the multi-colored ones), turkey (the speckled ones), and goose (the ginormous ones).  We’re not letting the geese brood goslings this year because all the … Continue reading

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