Apparently one of it’s meanings is “Watch out, both Bald Eagles!”

Spot was gobbling fiercely and I wanted to know why?  He was standing on top of the pullet tractor, alone.  The remainder of the birds quiet, standing in the shadow of the portable structures.  I went out and stood across the fence from him as he continued his gobbles.  Looking around I saw nothing on the ground or in the air.  I waited observing the birds until they caught sight of the threat and I then saw it too.

It was the local pair of Bald Eagles, circling leisurely about a quarter of a mile away.  I went and got the binoculars and saw that the eagles were scanning the wetland area which is currently populated with Canada Geese.  Eagles like a tasty goose. . .After a number of minutes they caught the thermal, gained altitude and left the area.

So cool.

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