Christmas Lunch

2014_12_25_christmaslunchOn the menu today:

  • Turkey we raised on the farm (One person we gave a turkey to this year described it as “dense,” which we thought was a good description.  It tastes like turkey, but meatier.  Tender, moist, delicious.  (It doesn’t taste like chocolate, though!)
  • Brussels sprouts roasted with bacon and bacon grease
  • Mashed sweet potatoes (yams) with butter and maple syrup
  • Cranberry sauce (I forgot to get cranberries, so I improvised with some dried cranberries, tangerine juice and peel, and orange marmalade we had on hand… it was better than I usually make!)
  • Pear crisp for dessert, topped with Trader Joe’s salted caramel gelato.  That’s the only non-paleo part of our meal, and totally worth it!


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