You can’t run away on processing day

2014_12_13_processingWe took five young roosters, six turkey jennies (girls) and one turkey jake (boy) to Mineral Springs Poultry Processing today.  We borrowed a truck and dog crates, and made the over-an-hour-trip-through-the-country for our 10:00 appointment.

Even though we had raised these birds for this purpose, it was still difficult for me when we dropped them off.  When I got back to the truck after filling out the paperwork, they were gone, and I burst into tears.  But when we came back a little over an hour later, the work was skillfully done, and the owners were so professional and kind, and our processed birds looked so great, that it was all worth it.  I told Greer that we were more farmers than we’ve ever been.  It was a momentous occasion.

The cockerels were 3-5 lbs each, the jennies were 7-8 lbs, and the jake was 17 lbs!  Not bad for our first go.  We’ll be even more organized next year and hope to give the turkeys another month to grow, and have them ready in time for Thanksgiving.


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