Bald Eagle in the yard. . .

Is it wrong to shout at our nation’s bird as if it were a neighbor’s dog on your lawn?

I was sitting on the floor in the living room, talking to T-Mobile on the phone when a bald eagle swooped in around the cedar tree. I first was awed, then thought “where did that go?” I walked through the house looking out toward the creek to see it fly off. . .But didn’t see it. After taking a couple of breaths and thinking how cool is that?

I noticed the turkeys, geese, and many of the chickens with their heads sideways looking straight up. . .Now, it is an eagle not a helicopter, so I thought I had better go out and see what they were looking at. Of course I am still on the phone with the girl from T-Mobile, saying excuse me while I do this or that. . .

I went out the front door, down off the porch, all the while the T-Mobile girl is giving me details about their signal booster. . .one of the chickens is making the “I see a cat” noise. . .suddenly the eagle drops out of the cedar tree, swooping off down the road to the West. And there is me yelling “Hey, go home!” at its back. Again awed by it’s size, grace and the simple sight of seeing a bald eagle flying off out of the front yard.


Then I finished my call with T-Mobile. What a day!

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