Turkey Smackdown!

I picked up Crystal from work and upon arriving home saw the cows near the turkey fence.  Crystal immediately said “It’s Sarge.”  Sarge being the bull. . .As we got out of the car, the turkeys were all stacked up making agitated noises at Sarge, who started messing with their PoultryNet. . .

I went through the house, changed into jeans and boots and went out the backdoor.  Sarge was now inside the turkey fence.  He explored their area, got a good smell of their feeder, waterer and tractor.  All the while they are walking behind him noisy as all get up.  He ensured they knew he was the BIGGER one.  Now he did not go at them, he seemed content to walk around doing what he chose.

I got out to the fence and went to turn off the spark. . .it wasn’t on!  I took down part of the PoultryNet, opening up a thirty foot space for him to come out when he was ready.  He did, when he was ready.  I started to put it back up when suddenly he looked at me and did that crazed eye roll thing he does when I have apples or pears. . .Once he was done licking my hands he started in licking the PoultryNet.

Here is the question:  How does a young bull know to place his horn through the PoultryNet, twist and pull the fence out of the ground, then twist and remove his horn from the net.  All without hurting the fence?

Crystal used her best teacher voice and stern teacher look, telling him to leave her fence alone!  Yes, that worked well!  NOT.


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