“Instant” Stew


We enjoy watching Jacques Pépin’s cooking show, Fast Food My Way.  On one episode, he makes a Beef Tenderloin “Instant” Stew.  Greer suggested we try it, and it is crazy-good!  You can find the recipe here, but we changed it a bit to make it Paleo.

I sauteed a few carrots and 3 small butternut squash (cubed) in bacon grease.  I let them cook about 10 minutes, partially covered so that they caramelized and steamed at the same time.  In a separate pan, I sauteed beef cubes (I used t-bone steaks, because they came in our 1/4 cow, and we don’t care for steaks so much) for 3-4 minutes in butter and olive oil, until mostly cooked.  While the meat was cooking, I quickly added diced onion and garlic to the vegetables, along with salt and pepper.  I put the meat on top, deglazed the pan with wine, and dumped that in, too.  I mixed it together, and voila!  Instant stew (pictured above as my left-over lunch).  It was quite tasty, with a bright flavor you normally don’t get with stew.  I would definitely make it this way again, maybe with different vegetables for variety.

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