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Applesauce galore!

Today I helped my friend Becky can applesauce… 90 quarts of it!  She had 350 lbs of apples, and we used the majority of them.  She had two steamer canners going all the time on a camp stove in the … Continue reading

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Big Boy Escapes

We have a turkey jump the four foot high poultry net every day or so.  Usually it is one of two girl turkeys.  Today it was Big Boy, the biggest turkey by a wide margin.  He jumped over the poultry … Continue reading

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Honey from the driveway

A few months after we moved into our new place, thousands of bees moved into the abandoned hive on the side of the driveway.  Greer saw the swarm in the sky that day; he says it looked like a huge, … Continue reading

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The Honkmobile

Greer designed and built this cool, movable housing for our four geese!  It has ample nesting space for our three females, and a “hallway” they can hang out and sleep in if they want to.  The geese really like it! … Continue reading

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Delicious Oregon melons

This year, we grew “Oregon delicious melons” from Adaptive Seeds, but we probably sowed them a little too late (mid-June).  All the melons are basically mush inside.  They smell amazingly sweet, but don’t really taste that way, making me think that … Continue reading

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Squirrels like Sunflowers

We grew a few gigantic sunflowers this year that grew really well… until a big windstorm.  But even then, they rallied, and the bees really enjoyed them.  Turns out, the squirrels really enjoyed them, too.  The pictures above are all … Continue reading

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Butternut squash beef curry

I made up a slow-cooker recipe based on my new (and limited) experience using a slow-cooker the last six months, and it turned out great!  Yay!  I used what we had on hand, but you can easily substitute. 1 chopped … Continue reading

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This year’s tomato sauce

We finally had enough paste tomatoes to make sauce, so I asked my co-worker to borrow her food mill.  What a handy gadget!  The seeds and skins go in one container, and the good stuff goes into another.  When we … Continue reading

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Saving tomato seeds

Since we got a late start on our kitchen garden this year, we had to buy all our seedlings at the farmer’s market.  She didn’t have enough “regular” paste tomatoes, so we decided to try the Sicilian tomato, which is … Continue reading

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