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Cat graffiti?

I was harvesting the last of the summer squash this morning, and found some interesting “writing” on one of them.  Is it cat graffiti?  The feral cats (currently there are two and a kitten) like to poo on the other … Continue reading

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Food Scraps from The Cruise In Country Diner

Many thanks to The Cruise In Country Diner for starting to supply us with food scraps!  The chickens, turkeys, and geese certainly are appreciating it.  

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Mom & Dad visit from Virginia

We had a great time with Mom and Dad this week!  We put them to work in the garden, but also had time to visit the Oregon Coast and the Gorge.  Here they are at Multnomah Falls.  

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On the roof!

Even though we clipped their wings, a turkey occasionally ends up on top of the chicken coop.  I suppose they jump up there, but I haven’t caught them in the act yet.  They don’t really need rescuing apparently, because after … Continue reading

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Hello at last, sunflowers!

Very late in the season, I decided to grow a few Giant Sunflower seeds that someone had saved and given to me.  They just opened today! Sunflowers are so cheery, and an excellent reminder to “keep facing the sun.” I … Continue reading

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Blossom end rot… a lot

We were so excited about our new raised beds, that we selected a few too many tomato seedlings at the farmer’s market.  We especially selected a lot of paste tomatoes (“Sicilian” and “Sausage” varieties) that turned out to be indeterminate … Continue reading

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Step 1: New farm project!

Any guesses as to what we’re making?

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Now where did THAT come from?

Greer found this half-eaten fish during morning chores.  We aren’t that far from the river, so our best guess is that a bird of prey dropped it on our lawn by accident.  I’m sure the cats will appreciate it!

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