Growing our own mushrooms

In 9-12 months, we will have an abundance of shitake mushrooms outside of our dinette window!

A few months ago, I bought a bag of 100 little dowels inoculated with mushroom culture from Mycosense Mushrooms.  They’ve been waiting in the fridge until I could find a log.  I wasn’t sure how to find the right kind of log, so I asked God to help me, and one literally fell across our driveway.  I was running late for work, and had to quickly grab the gloves out of the car emergency kit and use all my strength to move it enough to squeeze the car through.  The log is poplar wood, which is apparently one of the best types to use for this project.  Thanks, God!  :)


I drilled 100 holes into the log, pounded in the dowels, covered them with beeswax, and put the log onto a stand made by Greer.  It looks like a giant candle now!  Apparently it will make mushrooms for 4-6 years.


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