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Are you looking at me?!

Our chosen rooster is getting bigger, but still really tame.  Here he is, posturing at my phone!  He’ll still take a nap when I hold him, though.

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Goose “washing” the melon rind

The geese sometimes take treats and “wash” them in their goose pool.  This time it was a melon rind.  I suppose it makes things softer and easier to eat, but we’ve seen them do it with a plastic container that … Continue reading

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Corn cob soccer

Watching the turkeys and chickens chase each other for bits of food is sometimes like watching a soccer game!  Goal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Click here for the video.

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Up a tree

The flocks have enjoyed having a little “forested” area in their fence this week, and have done a fabulous job cleaning it out.  No more invasive blackberries! My favorite part has been watching them sit in the small tree, like … Continue reading

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30 lbs of pears (and a few apples)

Greer and I harvested the last of the apples from the two trees on the property. I’m thinking Sarge must have eaten most of them! We also harvested lots of pears that are now ripening slowly in the basement. I … Continue reading

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Zafira comments on baby bird integration

We joined the two electric fences into one long electric fence tonight, fully integrating the baby birds and the adult birds. Zafira walked around afterwards saying this over and over. I don’t think she was happy about it.

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Turkey Haircut

We clipped 12 turkey wings today. It was definitely a two person job, even though it doesn’t hurt them at all. It’s like cutting your toenails. Hopefully this will keep these little guys safe inside their electric fence!

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Nap Time

It’s just after noon time.  The “baby-birds” ate lunch. . .and now they are in multi-speciated nap time. . .I just thought I would include the pic.  Too cute.

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Greer’s pet bull

Sarge the bull is extremely fond of the fruit picker, both the stick and Greer. We didn’t know bulls can lick like a dog? He really likes those apples, though. He sticks to Greer like glue.  Click here for a … Continue reading

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Yay for new “pasture”!

The geese are excited that we moved their fence to a new area of the yard! The grass was over 6 inches tall in some places.  Friday night fun…

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