Broody nest attempt



We have 77 baby birds arriving tomorrow (20 turkeys, 6 geese, and an assortment of chickens).  I’ll be sharing cutie pie photos on the blog for sure.

We have a new brooder all set up and ready to go, but we were kind of hoping that one of the hens would go “broody” and mother some of the birds herself.  Two of our hens have done it before, so we hoped to induce it again by creating a cozy nest in the coop, complete with lots of fake eggs.

The girls were quite curious about the box, re-purposed from our move.  Penny hung out in there, and one of the hens even laid an egg in there, but no broody behavior has been observed.  So, unless something happens tonight, the baby birds will all be brooded together on our back porch with a heat lamp.   More to come on that!

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