“Hood” Strawberries


I kept seeing signs for something called “Hood” strawberries, and I thought maybe they were from Mt. Hood or Hood River, which seemed odd.  Finally someone explained to me that this is a local variety that I must try, and that there is one place that doesn’t spray.

We made a visit to Smith Berry Barn, which is only about 10 minutes from our house.  The U-Pick was closed (because he’d sold 4 times his goal the day before), but there were a few pints to choose from.  We also purchased some honey from their hives that actually tastes like chocolate raspberry!

Those strawberries didn’t last very long.  We ate them in the car during our Sunday afternoon drive, marveling at the red centers that go all-the-way-through.  The strawberries were super-sweet and juicy.  In fact, they even stained our fingers!


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