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I’ve had a slow-cooker recipe for bulgogi that I’ve been wanting to try, so we decided to make some kimchi to go with it.  We got out the Perfect Pickler, and found a recipe from Sandor Katz to follow.  He … Continue reading

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Blackberries Galore!

Our new property is loaded with berries: thimbleberries, salmon berries, and lots of blackberries.  Greer and I went for a walk down the driveway and brought back these… sweet and warm from the sun.  There’s lots more where these came … Continue reading

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Canning Classes from the Extension Office

I’ve been taking a series of classes from the Oregon State University Extension office.  They’ve been fabulously informative and yummy, as we’ve tried new recipes each time during the “hands-on” portion of the classes.  Here are some of my take-aways … Continue reading

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Niagra Falls

Greer and I took a lush one-mile hike to Niagra Falls today… no, not THAT Niagra Falls, but the one that is off of the Nestucca River Back Country Byway.  The Byway is a “shortcut” to the coast; it sure … Continue reading

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Bathtime for Goslings

Our four geese seem to like to splash in this little plate, but their “baths” in the bigger plastic tub have seemed to stress them out.  Someone who has geese kept telling me how her geese enjoyed swimming in her … Continue reading

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Out-Out for Playtime!

I was home today and after lunch took the goslings and poults out into the old pullet tractor for some sunshine, fresh air and grass!

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Making soap

My “birthday craft” was cold-process soap making.  My friend showed me how to last year, and had sent many of the materials to me as a gift.  Greer made the soap mold for me, and I was finally ready to … Continue reading

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Increased Flocks

Well, I tried to get a group shot to show the different kinds of baby poultry, but the birds wouldn’t cooperate for some reason… Our flocks have increased!  We had 7 hens (3 Barred Rocks and 4 Buff Orpingtons).  Now … Continue reading

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Turkey Larb

Greer made a fantastic Thai-inspired dinner tonight.  It tasted like spring rolls with meat inside.   He browned ground turkey with onions, garlic, Thai chilis (seeded), fish sauce, tumeric, ginger, and coriander.  Then we made lettuce wraps with butter lettuce, … Continue reading

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Baby Bird Arrival

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More than 70 birds are here!  Wow, that’s a lot of fluff…  They are running around, taking naps, eating baby food, and drinking the water, honey, and apple cider vinegar mix I made for their first day.  Lots of cheeping … Continue reading

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