Chocolate Chip Slug


We finally were able to take our first Oregon hike as residents.  We visited Tryon State Park and had a lovely 3 mile hike in the Pacific Northwest.  We learned about cottonwood trees; we have one on the property, but we didn’t know what was making that cottony material that was blowing across the driveway.  We also saw wild salmon berries growing.  And we learned about chocolate chip slugs.  Well, that’s not really what they’re called, but we thought it was a good companion name for banana slugs.  Apparently there are banana slugs here, too, but we didn’t see any.  We did see two of these, which are actually called European brown slugs.  (Chocolate chip is a much better name.)

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  1. Corrinne says:

    Is it also custard to kiss the chocolate slugs you meet?

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