Zafira gets better


Even before we moved, Zafira wasn’t doing so well.  We often saw her standing still and resting instead of foraging like the other hens.  Since the move, her health had declined even more until she felt like a paper mache chicken when I picked her up.  And even more telling, she actually let me pick her up without squirming or bicycling her legs.

Greer was particularly upset because Zafira is “his” chicken.  (You can see pictures of her as a baby here.)  We weren’t sure what to do until one morning when Greer woke up and had a knowing it was worms.  We looked in our chicken books, and sure enough, that matched her symptoms.  We went to Healing Ponds, and the clerk there told me about a homeopathic method that had worked for her chickens:

  • Morning one (after fasting): a mixture of raw pumpkin seeds ground up with buttermilk
  • Morning two (after fasting again): a mixture of grated carrots, bran, and lots of garlic
  • We also added diatomaceous earth (fossil flour) to their feed, as this is reported to literally slice the worms up.

We treated all the hens, and they enthusiastically ate the pumpkin seeds.  They weren’t as enthusiastic about the carrots, but they did eventually eat them.

We noticed an almost immediate change for the better with Zafira.  She wasn’t resting as much and was talking more.  When we saw her threatening some of the other hens, we knew she was well on her way to a full recovery!

Now, a few days later, she’s gaining weight, foraging constantly, and keeping up her usual chicken-talk narration.  We’re so happy to see her be back to her cute self!

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