A Day in the Life of Two Unwitting Cattle Wranglers

We had a lot of household and garden chores planned for Saturday, but we were derailed by 12 Scottish Highland cows and their new bull.  Here’s how the day unfolded:

1. Sarge, the new bull, got out of the corral and into the forest paddock.  His owner and our landlord was on vacation. We called him, and he sent someone to come put him back.
2. The cows were herded with an ATV into the corral, but the bull wasn’t with them.  The herder eventually let them go.
3. We got ready to go run errands, and Greer looked out the window to see cows at the pump house; they had busted through the gate. Greer was able to get them back in and jerry-rig the fence closed. Then he noticed Sarge, standing in the door of Bill’s barn, out in the open.

2014-05-03_cattlewrangler014. We tried unsuccessfully to get Sarge to go through a gate to the pasture.  He finally sat down behind a shed and started chewing his cud.
5. Eventually we left to do our errands and returned a few hours later. Sarge was basically in the same place.
6. During dinner, Sarge started walking down the 1/4 mile driveway, so Greer ran through the forest to try to cut him off from going down to the main road. He’d gone down a side road, thankfully. We finally got him back, and he went through the gate to be with the other cows for the first time ever. There was some horn-wrangling and sniffing. But we were pleased that we’d handled it ourselves.
7. Then they all started running, and Sarge ran straight through the fence, with all the rest after him. They stampeded around the house and stopped…. just before the chicken fence. I opened the front door, and Greer went out the back door, and that spooked the cows into running back into the pasture.  (Not before they all left their “calling cards” on our front lawn… I guess that’s free fertilizer?)


8. Greer fixed the fence again, and we finally coaxed Sarge into a gate on the other side, but the rest of the cows still wanted to get at him! I did some jumping jacks near them, and they finally backed away reluctantly.  Normally they don’t want to be anywhere near me, but I really had to work to spook them back this time.
9. The chickens were quite upset by the ordeal and hiding as much as possible.  Hopefully the bull and cows will stay away from each other until they can learn to play nicely together!



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