Moving the Coop, Ancient Egyptian Style


When we moved, we wanted to put the girls on a four week rotation of grass by moving their electric fence.  They do a good job of scratching out the moss and disturbing the grass, making way for the grass to grow back stronger.

However, our original placement of the coop was off by about 15 ft for optimal rotation.  Greer had the great idea of moving the coop “ancient Egyptian” style, by placing successive boards underneath and pushing it.

The chickens were most excited to scratch where their coop had been, since there was lots of bug action.  In fact, the most difficult part of the process was making sure all the chickens were out of the way before pushing.

Now that the coop is in the right place, we plan to move the fence every Saturday morning, rake where the chickens were, and reseed with grass if necessary.  Then the ground will have three full weeks to recover before they’re on it again.

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