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Ethel gets a “haircut”

We have poultry electronet that is four feet high to protect our chickens from predators.  We’ve seen coyotes, and there’s 4-6 feral cats around the property, so it’s nice for the hens to have a safe place to spend their … Continue reading

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Chocolate Chip Slug

We finally were able to take our first Oregon hike as residents.  We visited Tryon State Park and had a lovely 3 mile hike in the Pacific Northwest.  We learned about cottonwood trees; we have one on the property, but … Continue reading

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Zafira gets better

Even before we moved, Zafira wasn’t doing so well.  We often saw her standing still and resting instead of foraging like the other hens.  Since the move, her health had declined even more until she felt like a paper mache … Continue reading

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Jungle Fowl

No one is certain about the ancestry of the domestic chicken, but most think that they originally came from the jungle fowl of Asia.  I don’t know about that, but our hens definitely enjoy sitting underneath the rhododendron! They spend … Continue reading

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Compost Pile

We are thrilled to have a compost area in our new kitchen garden.  Following farming and gardening expert Eliot Coleman’s advice, we set up the compost area with walls made from old hay bales. (You can also use straw; we … Continue reading

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Starstruck by Bob

We sometimes buy coconut and/or almond flour for paleo baking.  We don’t bake very often, but I have been known to make waffles and fruit crisps.  We also occasionally use arrowroot powder as a thickening substitute for corn starch. In … Continue reading

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Oregon Trail

In middle and high school, when we went to the computer lab, we almost exclusively played a game called The Oregon Trail.  The game required you to plan and execute a trip west, shooting game along the way, losing all … Continue reading

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Three-Year Crop Rotation

In thinking about the new garden, the number of beds (12), I was having trouble wrapping my head around the four-year rotation.  Then BAM, it hit me, do a three-year rotation plan.  Duh!  It works.  So that is what I … Continue reading

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A Day in the Life of Two Unwitting Cattle Wranglers

We had a lot of household and garden chores planned for Saturday, but we were derailed by 12 Scottish Highland cows and their new bull.  Here’s how the day unfolded: 1. Sarge, the new bull, got out of the corral … Continue reading

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The Chickens Have Library Cards

Part of my new job includes testing things in the library catalog system.  To help me do that, I now have library cards for three of our chickens!  They are test patrons, so they can’t really check anything out, but … Continue reading

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