The New Coop


The chickens are truly enjoying their new coop, made by Tristan of the Chicken Coop Store.  It’s sturdy and predator-proof.  My favorite feature is that half of the roof is made from corrugated clear plastic (the other half is tin).  I think the extra sunlight will keep the coop from becoming dank, and it certainly makes the space cheerier.2014-03-27_newcoop03
We met Tristan at the Lane County Home Fair and saw some of his work there. The entire coop is made from cedar, so it will last a long time. He delivered our coop before the migration trip with the chickens, and we were so pleased with the quality workmanship.  The girls seemed happy with their new home, too!
We weren’t sure how the hens would like having one small door entrance. They were used to two huge doors in the old coop, and it still sometimes took them forever to go to bed. In the new coop, they kind of line up single-file and go in with no dilly and no dally. It’s amazing, but I guess this set-up is just more comfortable for them.

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