Dangerous Quail. . .

There was this loud bird calling from the backyard.  I couldn’t think of what bird it was, though I knew the sound.  I finally got up, walked in to the kitchen and spotted all the hens, standing on the lawn with their heads cocked, looking up.  No fear, just intently looking at something making the noise.

I walked through the kitchen to the mudroom, and looking out the screen door, I saw it.  A quail, standing on the gutter at the corner of the roof.  It was giving the girls heck and they were starting to maneuver, a lot of good it would do them.  They are earthbound and the quail, he it is not.  Remember Jurassic Park, when the velociraptors split up to flank their prey?  That was was the girls were doing.  Ethel and another hen went around the oak and now they were on two sides of the quail.

It of course can fly, and did so.  Up onto the roof of the townhouses next door.  Then it walked over the roof line and was gone.  This was the first time I had seen a quail in town.

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