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I have wanted to make a terrarium for a long time, and decided that decorating my new cubicle was the perfect timing to try it out! I found a great book from the library (pictured below), which listed the materials … Continue reading

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Bald Eagle – right over my head!

I was outside “talking” with the cows and trying to make friends, when I saw a huge bird soaring my way.  I grabbed my phone out of my pocket to take a picture, and sure enough, I saw that it … Continue reading

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The New Coop

The chickens are truly enjoying their new coop, made by Tristan of the Chicken Coop Store.  It’s sturdy and predator-proof.  My favorite feature is that half of the roof is made from corrugated clear plastic (the other half is tin).  … Continue reading

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Migration, by the Numbers

We moved to Oregon! Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Here’s our move, by the numbers: 5,400+ miles driving up and back 2 U-Haul Trucks (um, the first one was too small) 3 plane rides 6 nights sleeping on the floor in sleeping bags (1 … Continue reading

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A Fond Farewell

My last day at school was bittersweet.  It was heart-wrenching to say goodbye to my wonderful students and amazing colleagues, but I was thrilled to be starting our new adventure. My talented colleague Khalid Birdsong created this drawing for me.  … Continue reading

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Chicken Comedy of Errors

This morning, Greer knocked on the bathroom window from outside and told me I needed to come out right away.  (The day before, Ethel had somehow jumped over a partition fence the yard, so she’d missed getting locked into the … Continue reading

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Dangerous Quail. . .

There was this loud bird calling from the backyard.  I couldn’t think of what bird it was, though I knew the sound.  I finally got up, walked in to the kitchen and spotted all the hens, standing on the lawn … Continue reading

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I’ve been a fan of paleontologist Jack Horner since the 90s.  How can you not like someone who is all about the T-Rex?  He has advanced our thinking about dinosaurs to what I believe is a reality.  He was the impetus … Continue reading

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