Queen Ethel

Ethel is the queen chicken, and the most chicken-y chicken ever. She is an amazing forager, kicking dirt across the yard as she searches for tasty little bugs. She lays an egg almost every day, even though is three years old. She bounds over the barrier fence whenever the mood strikes her. She easily takes charge of the other hens, even without pecking them very often. She’s very sweet to young chicks, while still letting them know who’s boss. She even communicates with us pretty well. When we’re in the yard, she’ll come over and “talk” to us in a certain way that lets us know she wants us to do something with her, like lift up a stone to check for slugs and salamanders.

If Ethel is the queen, then Buffy is the princess. She’ll wait for us to feed her treats individually, gently rubbing her beak on our backs or legs if we forget her. She dust-bathes in damper dirt that the other chickens generally choose. (We call it her spa mud bath.) She’s the bottom of the pecking order, but still manages to get what she wants!

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