A Few of Our Favorite Things – “Leftovers” Breakfast

Two weeks with no CSA from Farmer Pete… we’re glad that he has some time off with family, but we are almost out of veggies and out of practice of buying everything we need from the store. :)

We still had a stir-fry kale mix left that was definitely on its last legs. I fished out the wilted ones for the chickens, and steamed the rest.  Then I crumbled two of last night’s bison patties, and made a quick spaghetti sauce with them (onions, garlic, spices, tomato paste, and tomato puree).  I poached four eggs in the sauce and served it over the greens.  Three of our favorite menu items in one meal: kale, bison, and backyard eggs.  It was hearty and filling, even if it looks a little unusual.

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