Merry Christmas Hike and Goats!

Yesterday morning, we went on a short hike at Rancho San Antonio. It’s a pretty 4.5 loop hike that takes you through a working educational farm. We’ve hiked here many times this year, but today we saw something excitingly different:
It’s not just any goat, but an “elf ear” La Mancha goat, which is kind of rare. (To be more precise, this goat is a cross with an Alpine goat.) We had not seen an elf ear La Mancha in real life, so it was fun to observe her. It’s one of the breeds we are considering for once we are ready for goats.
The farm also has some Boer goats, which always look pregnant because their sides stick out. They are bred primarily for meat. We also saw a Nubian goat, which is a quintessential dairy goat, with long, floppy ears. The Nubian decided to hang out with the La Mancha for awhile, which was cute.

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