Christmas Eve Dinner

We cook a special meal on Christmas Eve with leftovers so that we don’t have to cook on Christmas Day. This year we chose to make a brisket, something I made our first Christmas together. We purchased the brisket from Old Creek Ranch; they raise animals 100% grass-fed, and are at the Palo Alto California Farmer’s Market each week.  Thankfully, they had one brisket left.  It was only two pounds, but that was enough for the two of us, plus leftovers.  I use this recipe for the brisket, thanks to my friend Sandy who first made it for me!

We decided to simply steam some kale to go with it, similar to this year’s Thanksgiving meal.

For dessert, I made “pudge,” or pumpkin fudge.  It was a recipe from the current issue of Paleo magazine.  It was very easy to make, and kind of tasted like pumpkin pie, not too sweet.

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