Borscht Celebration


Borscht makes a nice Christmas-like soup because of its lovely red color. I’ve made borscht before from sour beets, which was tasty, and kind of brownish in color.  But now we were out of sour beets, had a bunch of fresh beets from Farmer Pete, and Greer really wanted borscht.

It was difficult to find an appropriate recipe; apparently there are many ways to make borscht.  I decided to go with my “standard” soup recipe.  I sauteed onions, carrots, celery, and garlic for 10 minutes, and then added my peeled, cubed beets.  I added a small cabbage, shredded.  I added some spices and stock, and simmered it together for 30 minutes.  I finished it with lemon juice when it was plated, with a dollop of yogurt or sour cream.

It was… okay the first time.  We had a few people over for borscht, kielbasa, and a movie.  (I borrowed a projector so that we could watch movies large on the wall during Winter Break.  We watched Holiday Inn, which was really fun.)  Everyone said the soup was great, but I was remembering the sour beet borscht and unconvinced.  However, over the next few days I came to really enjoy it.  I just had to accept that it was different.  I do still prefer sour beet borscht, so I’m looking forward to growing more beets next year for preserving!

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