Scratch and Peck


At this year’s Heirloom Expo, we were given a free sample of chicken food from Scratch and Peck.  The food was intriguing to me because it’s very different from the milled food we’ve been buying from Modesto Milling.  The Scratch and Peck food is a whole grain mix, with or without corn mixed in, instead of a pellet or crumble.

When we fed the sample to the hens, they seemed to really enjoy it.  When we visited the Mountain Feed & Farm Supply, we obtained another free sample.  The girls devoured it again.  We decided our next bag of feed would be from Scratch and Peck (which is similar in price to that from Modesto Milling).

To help the hens transition to the new food, we started by mixing it together with the old food.  We are now 100% new food, and the hens still seem happy.  They definitely like it when we throw some on the ground for them to scratch at, in addition to their feeder.  Maybe that’s how the company came up with the name?  :)


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