The Cat in the Hat?

No, not really.  There are two black and white cats that live in the neighborhood.  They’re adolescents from their size and behavior.

I heard some upset hen noises on the patio as I was getting some coffee this morning.  Looking out the kitchen window I spotted one of these kitty cats on the opposite side of the fence from the girls.  He was rubbing his face, marking the fence, and chewing on the neon yellow zipties that attach the fencing to the posts, and playing with feathers lying where they had been shed.  All the while giving those feline sidelong looks at the hens, and acting as if it were on the other side of a fence from a dog, safe.

Funny stuff.  Not to Strawberry however, she was giving it a piece of her mind.  Not wildly squawking, just a normal upset hen tone, as if you were about to pick her up.

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