Smashing Pumpkins (for chickens)

This is not a post about the 90’s band, but about the notion of gift-giving to chickens. :)

I recently read a fun blog from Brite Tap about Christmas Gifts for chickens.  Since our chickens are the “most spoiledest and tamedest chickens ever,” I figured they needed some extra “gifts” from us this Christmas season.  Okay, I’m (kind of) kidding.*

Greer’s mom had several leftover pumpkins from Thanksgiving decorations, and asked if chickens liked them.  Since I’d read the blog post mentioned above, I thought we’d see if the chickens enjoyed them.  We also had a few pumpkins ourselves.  I saved some of the pumpkins for soup, and the rest I smashed in the yard for hens.  While they were very excited about the actual smashing, they weren’t so impressed with the raw pumpkins or seeds.  However, the pumpkin shells I later baked for soup were quickly picked clean.  They also really like spaghetti squash shells after I’ve roasted them.  So, basically the chickens prefer cooked Winter squashes.  They really are the most “spoiledest…”
2013-12-28_Smashing Pumpkins

* We do give our hens extra greens in the Winter since the grass doesn’t grow as fast.  They must need it because they slurp those greens up!  This gives us the by-product of extra-tasty and healthy eggs with bright orange yolks.

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