Padrón Peppers

It’s been a great year for Padrón peppers, small green peppers originally grown in a Spanish monastery. The seeds were from the New World, and spicy when grown, but when the monks grew them, the peppers were sweet when picked young. In Spain, Padróns are fried in olive oil, sprinkled with salt, and served as a popular tapa.

It seems Padrón peppers have been everywhere this year. Farmer Pete had them for us several times, and we keep seeing them at the Farmer’s Market. We also saw a José Andrés episode about them. They’re so simple and tasty, that they’ve been an entertainment staple for us recently.

I make a lemony, fresh homemade mayonnaise to dip them in, fry them in olive oil, and serve them hot.

The fun part is that every now and then (maybe 1 in 10?) you get a spicy one instead of a sweet one, so it’s sort of like pepper roulette.


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