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Padrón Peppers

It’s been a great year for Padrón peppers, small green peppers originally grown in a Spanish monastery. The seeds were from the New World, and spicy when grown, but when the monks grew them, the peppers were sweet when picked … Continue reading

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Inspirado – FullCircleFarm

What a beautiful sunny Saturday.  We wanted to just get out of the house and gain some inspirado.  Part of our adventure was stopping at FullCircleFarm to see what they had going on.  It was a nice stroll through their … Continue reading

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Fall is Here

We might not have the Blue Ridge Mountains like I had growing up, but leaves still turn in California, too! Here’s a picture from the pepper trees in our front yard, which are curiously a huge attraction to the local … Continue reading

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Oregon Doesn’t Want me to Leave.

It’s true, the sign says come back soon. . .I will, promise!  

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Cultured Caveman – Downtown

I was in Downtown this afternoon and thought what could be better than some Cultured Caveman for lunch?  Nothing of course!  Their downtown location is at SW 3rd & Stark.  I had a Ginger Carrot Kale Salad with a bottle of Oregon … Continue reading

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Chiles Rellenos

We had a lot of poblano chilis from Farmer Pete, so I decided to make chiles rellenos. I put the peppers under the broiler to char them, and peeled as much skin as I could, once they had cooled in … Continue reading

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The Perfect Pickler

We have been wanting to visit the Mountain Feed & Farm Supply store in Boulder Creek ever since we saw their amazing display at the Heirloom Expo.  A month later, we had our chance. The Mountain Feed & Farm Supply … Continue reading

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Summer in the Fall

It is definitely feeling like Fall here. Farmer Pete said that this was the last of the heirloom tomatoes for the year, so I made a fresh salsa to go over the grilled mahi-mahi and zucchini. It tasted like Summer!

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Pumpkin Curry with “Rice”

My coworker was raving about a new recipe she’d tried with pumpkin. Since I’ve been craving pumpkin this fall, I decided to try it, too: It was slightly spicy, warm, and nourishing; definitely worth a repeat. To make it … Continue reading

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Ethel is Molting – Again

Ethel is Molting – Again!  Well, she started last Winter and stopped.  With her head bare, she had taken on a bit of a vulture look.  Not flattering for the head hen.  Finally she has resumed the molt with a … Continue reading

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