Jicama Tortillas = No Bueno

One of the things I miss as a Paleo eater is tacos… specifically tacos from the Los Altos Taqueria.  Corn tortillas are a no-no, and would actually hurt our tummies after being Paleo for so long, so it’s not worth the pain to have the taste.

We do occasionally make taco bowls, which are tasty, but not exactly the same.  Many of the Paleo cookbooks mention jicama “tortillas” as a substitute, and Farmer Pete had a lot of it available at this week’s CSA.  I decided to try it out.

I peeled the jicama, which is no easy task, since it is so bumpy and lumpy.  Then I ran it through the mandolin slicer to create small, round “tortillas.”  I sliced different thicknesses to see what would work best.  I made a bunch of them to use as “chips” to dip fresh salsa and guacamole.

The results were that none of the the thicknesses worked very well.  They simply broke apart once you put something on them – no structural integrity.  Also, the sweet taste of the jicama, which I enjoy in a salad, is kind of weird paired with salsa and guacamole.  Since jicama didn’t work as a chip substitute, I didn’t even try them as tortillas.

There were some who quite enjoyed them, however!  This is the best photo I could capture of the chicken jicama excitement.  At least they weren’t a complete waste!


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