Brussels Sprouts, Popcorn Style

I have always cooked Brussels sprouts in one of two ways:

1. steamed and finished with butter and olive oil
2. roasted, usually mixed with bacon and some sort of Winter squash

We recently took some of the second kind to a friend’s house for dinner and she mentioned that she always just sautes them in butter, and that the finished sprouts taste like popcorn. When I made dinner tonight, I accidentally didn’t steam the sprouts long enough, so I decided to give it a try. I used lots of butter (per my friend’s recommendation)… and they really did taste like popcorn! Obviously it was the butter, but still, it made for a decadent side dish, and gave me one more way to cook one of our favorite vegetables!

2013-09-30_BrusselsSproutsPopcorn Style_01

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