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Jicama Tortillas = No Bueno

One of the things I miss as a Paleo eater is tacos… specifically tacos from the Los Altos Taqueria.  Corn tortillas are a no-no, and would actually hurt our tummies after being Paleo for so long, so it’s not worth … Continue reading

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Brussels Sprouts, Popcorn Style

I have always cooked Brussels sprouts in one of two ways: 1. steamed and finished with butter and olive oil 2. roasted, usually mixed with bacon and some sort of Winter squash We recently took some of the second kind … Continue reading

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Antipasti Yumminess

We wanted to contribute food to the Pop’s birthday party, but he had already planned out exactly what he wanted, finishing with blueberry frozen yogurt from Safeway (which is actually pretty good!) We decided to put together an Antipasti tray … Continue reading

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Heirloom Expo 2013 Gallery

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Pen-Pen is Weird. . .

I am not sure why, but at certain times when Penny has been upset she will march about the yard, taking a few steps squawking.  Then stop, look at the ground finding a leave or twig, grasping it in her … Continue reading

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Somewhere Over the Rainbow

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We noticed a rainbow in front of the house… Along with the beautiful sunset, it was the perfect ending to a late summer day. You can also see my super-cute chicken apron that Mom gave me. It’s from a Mennonite … Continue reading

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More Fried Rice – Paleo Style!

More Fried Rice – Paleo Style!  I made this using some of the Char Siu Crystal made early in the week.  It was delicious, and so was this!

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