Air Raid 2!!!

We had roamed out this fine Sunday morning to check out the Los Altos Friends of the Library book sale.  We did get a few interesting books to add to our collection.  We went home to drop of our finds and prepare for our next adventure.

I was standing in the kitchen and saw a bird swoop in under the oak tree canopy.  I shouted “bad bird!” and started toward the mudroom and the backdoor.  I got out the door and across the patio, and was opening the gate when it sailed down out of the oak tree, across the yard and up on to the fence.  It was a hawk!  A small one, the same type that flashed by us in the garden that early morning.

It hung there on the top of the fence, looking at me and the girls, seemingly as startled as I was.  Ethel and a few of the girls were against the house, under the apple tree.  She looked and did her aerial predator growl.  The hawk then swooped down, up and over the house to escape.

The excitement was over, the yard calmed down in a few moments.

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