Hiking This Week

My nephew was visiting this week, the last week of Summer for him before school starts.  We didn’t hike to hard this week.  Crystal and I are in a dilemma about new boots and minimalist footwear that is still unsolved.  The kid and I went to Rancho San Antonio twice and each time hiked the short mile in and back to Deer Hollow Farm.  It is an easy walk, that you can do at a brisk pace if you like.  Or, your can take your time and enjoy the ‘wildlife’ along the trail.  There are of course dozens of the ubiquitous ground squirrels foraging all along the route.  But each time I walk that route there are deer and turkeys.  Both of our hikes this week did not fail to produce.  These are his photos.

A doe and her two fawn.

A doe and her two fawns drink from the creek.

Turkeys and the walking path.

Turkeys and the walking path.

A closer walk with turkeys.

A closer look at those turkeys.

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