Purisima Creek Redwoods, Take 3

This was our third time hiking the Purisima Creek Redwoods.  The first time was soon after we got married and bought new hiking boots.  We affectionately call that hike the “death march” because a 2 mile walk with one bottle of water between us turned into 8+ miles due to a map error and stubbornness.  The second time was with our nephew, who was determined to go “that way” instead of the shorter way after stopping for lunch.  That hike was 7 miles, and we decided to replicate it today.

We started very early in the morning so that we could be done before it got warm.  I’ve never seen so many banana slugs!  We like to count them, but we quickly lost count this time.  We also saw a large covey of quail crossing the trail, and a beautiful spider web.  We didn’t see any humans until the last mile of the hike!

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