Baylands and Guacamole Burgers

Our nephew Michael is visiting, so I took him to the Baylands to vent off some of his energy.  It’s a pretty walk, with marsh lands and lots of birds.  Michael can be a reluctant hiker, so to keep him going, I mentioned that we were seeing lots of animals.  He just rolled his eyes and said that all we had seen were birds.  His interest was piqued when we saw the remains of a dead goose (he took lots of pictures that I won’t post here), but he was ready to head back to the car after less than a mile.  Then we saw the jackrabbit.

Michael really likes the Wallace and Gromit Were-Rabbit movie, and he was convinced that we were now full-on hunting for the sneaky rabbits who ravage all the vegetables.  I could barely keep up with him, even though he did stop at a lot of holes in the ground to search.  Our few mile walk turned into a six-mile hike as we chased the elusive bunny.  We never did see another one, and his interest eventually waned, but we still had to yomp back to the car.  We also saw a fox barely ahead of us on the trail, but I was too surprised by it to grab the camera in time.

This evening, we were rewarded with guacamole burgers, with the guacamole inside the burger.  I had seen the recipe on Mark’s Daily Apple earlier this morning.  Although it was slightly tricky to form the patties, they turned out to be delicious and moist (which is sometimes a problem with grass-fed ground beef).  They did split a little on the grill, probably because I loaded them up with guacamole.


2013-06-15 18.18.40

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