Hidden Villa

I had the pleasure of chaperoning the second graders on their overnight trip to Hidden Villa again this year.  Three things were inspiring to me:

1. They have cute little bantam hens in the demonstration garden for eating bugs and slugs.  Well… they eat some plants, too, but everything seemed to be growing well anyway, probably since there were only three small ones browsing the garden.


2. I got to meet a gopher-eared La Mancha goat up-close and personal.  Notice the lack of ears on the left goat below.  Greer and I do eventually want goats, and have talked quite a bit about the La Mancha breed for several reasons (temperament, high butterfat content of milk), but those ears are something to be considered.  I know nothing is wrong with her…  but it just looks so odd!  Meeting this goat helped.


3. Jersey cows are big.  Greer and I have also talked about having a beautiful brown-eyed cow one of these days.  This cow, Rosie, wasn’t feeling so well, so the kids were giving her a “spa” treatment of eucalyptus leaves (bug repellant) and small brushes.  Jersey cows are smaller than standard-sized cows, and give less milk (although it is much richer in butterfat, too).  But this was still one big mama cow!


— Crystal

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