Virginia Visit – Waffles


In my family, waffles = love.  My dad made them every weekend for us.  The last ones from the waffle iron always ended up burnt (my brother tells a funny story about the dog turning up his nose at the burnt ones).  However, the first, fresh-off-the-press ones were amazing with scrambled eggs and cheese on top (no syrup, please).

Waffles definitely aren’t Paleo, but I still wanted to have waffles with my dad during our trip.  So I tried this recipe from PaleoOMG (scroll down the link for the recipe).  Almond flour is kind of pricey, but these waffles are worth it, especially for special occasions.    They are a bit on the dry side (and slathering them with syrup would definitely negate the point), but they tasted fabulous with grass-fed butter melted on top!


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