Virginia Visit – Buffalo Creek Goat Farm


On our road trip to North Carolina, we stopped by the Buffalo Creek Goat Farm. It was so nice to talk with Robin and Johnny about their recent venture to start dairying in earnest and to build a farm store and start dairying.  Robin mostly used information and books from Gianaclis Caldwell (from Pholia Farm Creamery in Oregon) to help her get started, which was a great connection for us, since Greer met Gianaclis and visited her farm on previous trip.


Robin milks the goats once a day BY HAND, making cheeses and fabulous soaps.  My favorite informational tidbit from our visit: she feeds whey (the cheese making by-product) to her chickens on the farm.  Apparently the chickens slurp it up greedily, giving them extra calcium for harder eggs and protein.

We also enjoyed the cheerful farm store, browsing for products made on farm and by other local people.  Of special note are the reusable bags made from recycled feed sacks!


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