Sauerkraut, Take 2

Our second time making sauerkraut* was much better than the first:
*Sauerkraut is one of those words that I have to look up the spelling every time.  Too many vowels…

  • We have a new food processor, which cuts the cabbage smaller (and faster!) than by hand.
  • We added carrots for a slaw-style kraut.
  • We weren’t as stressed about growing bacteria since we’ve been experimenting with it more.  It was difficult to overcome germ phobia!

We had about a dozen cabbages from Farmer Pete.  We shredded them…

2013-01-19 08.40.39

2013-01-19 08.39.26

… and then added some carrots and caraway seeds.  It filled up our six gallon food-grade bucket!

2013-01-19 08.56.26

We made a salty brine (1 tbsp salt per cup of water).  Then we weighed it all down with two half-gallon jars of water…

2013-01-19 09.14.59

…and put it in the corner of the living room (where no one would trip over it).


2013-01-19 09.15.17

We waited three weeks to try it, and it was wonderful!  It did taste a little young, so we decided to wait one more week before putting it into jars and into the fridge to slow the fermentation.

sauerkraut 2

When we put it into jars, it made a little over two gallons of kraut (um, that’s a lot).  And a half-gallon of kraut juice.  At the farmer’s market, they sell shots of it for $1 as a digestive tonic, so maybe we should start a kraut stand in front of the house?


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