Five Years…. Woot!

Today Greer and I celebrate our fifth wedding anniversary.
After our “elopement” five years ago, we wore custom t-shirts to lunch at Max’s Café that listed our role in the wedding party.  Greer wore his Groom shirt until it completely wore out a few months ago, so we decided it was time for new shirts.
We contacted Jen from Juror2 because we’ve bought great shirts from her in the past, and knew that she makes custom ones as well.  We asked her to make an American Gothic style shirt for us, featuring our chickens.  Can you see Buffy reading Poultrygeist with me?  Too cute.  We’re thrilled to be wearing them in celebration today!
Many thanks to our friends and family who have supported us these five years.   We are grateful for you! 
Life together just keeps getting better and better!  :)
— Crystal
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