Primal Hash


Corned beef hash and eggs is one of my favorite comfort foods, but it’s definitely not Paleo.  While corned beef doesn’t actually contain corn, it is prepared with a lot of salt.  Potatoes are out, too.  We have delicious eggs (very local!), but I was craving some comforting goodness for a cold winter’s night.

When I saw this post, I was so excited that I emailed Greer to ask if we could have it tonight.  We already had a few turnips and parsnips from Farmer Pete.  And we had some leftover braised beef from a few nights ago.

I followed Mark’s recipe exactly (a rare occurrence).  It was amazing, and just what I had been wanting.  With two poached eggs on top, it didn’t even need ketchup, especially because the beef had its own tomato sauce.  The only downside is that it was so warm and comforting that I wanted to go straight to bed after dinner!


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